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All About Airbrush

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

We always recommend airbrush makeup to our clients, and we hear the same question a lot:

"Well, what's the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup, and is it really worth it?"

We call airbrush our magical-miracle-product, so we thought we'd devote an entire post to what makes it so darn special!

The main difference in airbrush and traditional makeup (at least in the brands we use at Makeup by Katina), is that airbrush makeup is either silicon, or alcohol-based, rather than being water or oil-based like traditional liquid foundation. This is important, because that means the airbrush makeup does not break down when it is exposed to oil, sweat, tears, or water.

I myself have experienced an excessively oily complexion in the past - the kind of oily where I would constantly be touching up in between classes during high school and college, and I needed to use heavy duty anti-shine powder when I competed on-stage at Miss Utah both years (which also of course needed to be touched up after standing under those hot lights). Once I discovered airbrush makeup, I could go all day - and even sometimes into the next day, with no touchups necessary!

Over the years of working with our brides, it's become almost a game for brides to see how long their airbrush makeup lasts either after their Preview Appointment, or after the wedding day itself. Our winning bride said we went three days with her makeup still intact before she finally gave up on the "game" and washed her face at the end of the third day! She joked with us that it probably would have lasted another day or so, but she just couldn't bare to not wash her face for another day.

Because it's resistant to oil, sweat, water, etc, airbrush makeup can even be used to cover up acne, rosacea, freckles, scars, tattoos, birthmarks, imperfections, and more. Pretty much anything you might want covered, airbrush can cover it up!

Another way in which airbrush makeup can be special compared to traditional foundation, is the manner in which it is applied. Airbrush makeup uses air as the primary means of application rather than a brush - think of spray-on sunscreen. It feels like a cool mist being sprayed over your face.

Because the makeup comes out literally as light as air, we can completely customize the level of coverage you would like for your makeup application. We can do the lightest of everyday makeup, all the way to the heaviest full-coverage stage makeup, and every type of coverage in between. And not only can we customize the level of coverage, but because it is applied in layers as light as air, even a full-coverage look can still appear extremely natural in-person, through the lense of a camera, or under the bright lights of a stage.

And speaking of customizable... because of the delivery system we were just talking about above, airbrush makeup is so easy to match against any skin tone, and to even mix our own color concoctions to create individualized shades that blend in perfectly with your skin. Instead of hand mixing foundations, which can leave streaks on darker or lighter colors marbled inside of the mixture, we mix our airbrush shades right inside the gun, using the air delivery system itself to mix the foundation, ensuring that it's mixed perfectly every time!

So, what do you think? Would you like a foundation that blends in perfectly with your skin color, feels lighter than air on your face, has exactly the level of coverage you want, and can last for three days (maybe even more)?

If you said "no", then you do you, boo! If you said "hell yes, I want all those things!", then you know where to find us! If you're paying for a bomb makeup look for your next event, don't you want to get the most out of your purchase? We certainly want that for you!

Because airbrush makeup is probably our favorite product to use on our clients, starting January 1, 2020, ALL bridal and pageant packages will automatically include airbrush makeup! We think you always deserve the BEST out of life, and that should extend to your makeup applications as well.

If you're interested in upgrading your next makeup application to include airbrush foundation, be sure to Contact Us right away! We promise you won't regret it!


Katina Stephens

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