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Make sure the judges see who you really are!

You've worked for weeks, months, maybe even years to prepare yourself for your upcoming pageant, and you have to convince your judges in a matter of minutes that you're ready for the job of a titleholder. Whether you first meet them in an interview room, or directly on the stage, you need to portray yourself, and your overall brand, quickly and efficiently.

Makeup by Katina specializes in helping pageant queens and contestants in various organizations to portray their true selves through their pageant headshots, portraits, and on competition day. 



Your headshot is typically your very first introduction to the judges. Make sure you put your best face forward AND stand out among the other contestants! Having specialized in pageant makeup for many years, Makeup by Katina can help you to achieve a look that highlights your best features and personality, while creating a look that is comfortable and familiar to your judges, no matter the system you choose to compete in. We want the judges to become familiar with your personality before they even meet you - that way, they feel motivated to place that crown on your head.


For many pageant systems, interviews can be the most crucial phase of the competition. The interview segment is when the judges can finally meet you in person, and try to assess if you are the right fit for the job of a pageant titleholder. First impressions can make or break your shot at the crown. Make sure your first impressions are only positive, with a fresh and professional makeup look designed to match your headshot, so there is no question who you are when you walk in front of your judges.



When those bright lights turn on, and all attention is on you, make sure you are putting your best face forward to the audience, and especially to your judges! Bright stage lights can be extremely harsh, and have a way of washing you out, and making you appear pale and flat on stage - even with a tan! Makeup by Katina uses high quality, professional makeup, designed to bring you life and color when you are standing on the stage. Make sure you stand ahead of the competition on stage, and join the numerous local, state, and national competitors who have gone with Makeup by Katina for competition night!


For many pageant systems, social media, branding, and self-promotion can be a big part of winning the crown and the title. Taking professional photos to use on social media, and for appearances throughout the year, can go a long way in helping to keep your image and the title consistent throughout the year. Make sure your look is picture perfect with professional makeup designed for pageant photography.

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For pageants that take place over multiple days, we are here to be your ultimate glam and hype team! We have many years of experience scheduling and executing makeup and hairstyling for multiple contestants over multiple days. Let us take away the stress of glamming you up, so you can focus on putting your best self forward to the judges and pageant committees. 


Competing in a pageant that doesn't allow a makeup artist backstage? No problem! You can still have the best makeup of the night by taking an in-person or virtual lesson with MBK, teaching you what colors to use, where to use them, how to make the most of your current makeup collection, or learning what to pick up at the beauty store on your next trip.

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For availability, use the Contact form found here. Please indicate which item(s) you are interested in, the date you would like to book, and any other relevant information.
Don't see a package or item that specifically fits your needs? Don't hesitate to contact us to see what we can custom create for you!

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