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Your wedding photos should be cherished and displayed for a lifetime! 

Did you know that one of the number one regrets for brides after their wedding is that they wished they hired a professional makeup artist? It's only after it's too late that brides realize they had forgotten the bigger picture: after the flowers have died, the food has been eaten, and the dress is hanging in the closet, it's the photos that last forever.

So many brides completely loose sight that how they look and feel on their wedding day is most important. Time and money spent preparing for a wedding seem trivial when brides don't like how they look in their pictures. Many brides sadly choose not to display their photos after spending thousands of dollars for them. Makeup by Katina can change that!

Makeup by Katina exclusively uses long-lasting, and photo-friendly professional makeup products. We will keep you looking perfect from the moment you leave our chair, to the moment you close the door to your honeymoon suite... and for all the thousands of photographs in between.

All our artists are trained in the specific art of bridal makeup. The precision and advanced techniques we use will not only make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside, but will also ensure that you look fabulous for all your guests, photos, and most importantly, for yourself and your memories.

Your wedding day is the one day you should absolutely look your best.

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For availability, use the Contact form found here. Please indicate which item(s) you are interested in, the date you would like to book, and any other relevant information.
Don't see a package or item that specifically fits your needs? Don't hesitate to contact us to see what we can custom create for you!

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