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What makes Makeup by Katina's signature 12 Step Bridal Preview so special?

One of our most common requests from our bridal clients is for a trial, or preview appointment, prior to their wedding day. We strongly encourage booking a preview appointment, which is why every one of our Bridal Packages includes one built into the price! But what makes our preview appointments so special? Why should you book Makeup by Katina over another artist?

For the last six years, we've developed our skills and technical training in bridal artistry, and have developed a signature 12 Step Bridal Preview based in science and makeup theory, to ensure that you will look your absolute best from the moment you leave our chair, until the moment you close the door on your honeymoon suite, and for all the thousands of photos in between!

One of the biggest reasons brides aren't completely in love with their photos after they get them back, is because something is causing a disconnect in the photos. If your makeup is too dark, or too light, compared to the rest of your wedding, it looks off in the photos. If your makeup is too shiny, or too matte, compared to your wedding gown, something looks off in the photos. If your makeup colors were chosen for a noon ceremony, but you're not taking formal portraits until "golden hour", something is going to look off in your photos. Makeup by Katina has learned and developed techniques to ensure complete harmony in your look and your photos, so that you will be completely in love with your photos when you get them back. Keep reading below for a sneak peak into our 12 Step Bridal Preview appointments!

Makeup by Katina's Signature 12 Step Bridal Preview

1. Date/Season of Wedding

Do you know the differences between Spring/Summer makeup and Fall/Winter makeup? We do! We understand what's going to translate well on camera, on film, and in person when you're greeting your guests during the different seasons. Colors and textures of makeup can appear either too harsh or too light depending on the time of year.

2. Time of Ceremony, Pictures & Reception

Did you know that makeup colors will change depending on the color of the light around them? Picture the grass of a west-facing home. When the sun first comes up behind the house, while the grass is still shaded, the grass will appear to have a very grey tone on each blade. When the sun reaches high noon, the green grass will be true to color and very vivid. And when the sun sets, casting its evening light across the lawn, the grass will appear to have a very orange tint on each blade, fading back to grey/green as the sun sets lower and lower in the sky. The exact same theory applies to your makeup on your wedding day. We know what colors will look best on you for the majority of the day, and we also offer touch-up services to ensure that you will look picture perfect no matter what time your ceremony and pictures will take place.

3. Indoor or Outdoor Ceremony/Reception

Just as the color of the sun at different times of the day will change your makeup look, artificial indoor lighting will effect your makeup differently as compared to outdoor natural light. We have the know how to re-create the circumstances in which you'll be married and photographed in to ensure that you'll love every photo you get back from your photographer. In addition, many receptions will continue after the sun has gone down, no matter if you are having an indoor or outdoor reception, which means your photographer may turn to using flash photography to get the best shots. We know exactly what products and ingredients to avoid to ensure you won't get "flash back" in any of your photos.

4. Color Theory

We're able to narrow down what colors to use, and what colors to avoid, by using color theory. Did you know that if you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception, or plan on taking the majority of your photos outside, that you should stick to neutral colors? Colors like Champagnes, Taupes, and Browns will look the best outside.

5. Color, Black and White Photography, or Both?

Did you know that in black and white photos there are only 14 shades of grey? (Sorry, E.L. James) There are special techniques that we will use if your photographer uses exclusively, or primarily, black and white photos.

6. Wedding Gown Color

Have you ever sat in a salon chair with that black cape draped over you, and suddenly you realize all the blemishes and color changes on your skin? Well, the same theory can apply to your wedding gown, only, white colors closer to your skin tends to wash you out and the whiter your dress is, the more color you will need in your makeup to help you appear "normal" on your wedding day.

7. Style of Gown

Going back to that disconnect we mentioned up above, one of the quickest ways to cause that disconnect in your photos is in the style of your gown and your chosen makeup look. If you have a gown with a lot of sheer and flowy fabric, but your makeup is very intense and dark, it's going to cause a disconnect in your look. If you have a gown with lots of layers and think, heavy, fabric, but your makeup is light and airy, it's going to cause a disconnect in your look.

8. Gown's Neckline

As your dress style must match your makeup look, your gown's neckline can actually play a big part. If you have a plunging v-neck, or a high angled halter top, the lines on your makeup should match, and be equally distinct. If you have a soft sweetheart, or a cowl neckline, your makeup should be soft and blended out to match the ebbs and flows of your neckline.

9. Your Coloring

Just as all the previous points will help to create harmony in your look and in your photos, your personal coloring plays one of the biggest parts. We've spent over half a decade working with brides all over the state of Utah, and we understand what colors pop on certain skin tones, and what ones will blend in or look muddy. We take into account your skin, hair, and eye colors, along with all the previous eight points to create a look that will look good, and is customized for you and you alone!

10. Your Preferences

Arguably the most important of the 12 points, we take into account what you personally like, and what you don't like. This is of course your wedding, and they will be your pictures to hang on your wall for the rest of your life. YOU need to be in love with your look, and that is the most important part of our job. If you want black lipstick, we'll make you the raddest black lipstick. If you want the most classic bridal look that ever was, consider it done. This is YOUR wedding!

11. Location/Type of Wedding Event

Your makeup for an intimate backyard wedding should look different than your makeup if you were having a grand church cathedral wedding. We take into account what your ceremony and reception venues will look like when creating your look, so when you take your photos on location, everything blends together beautifully and creates that harmony that looks so good in photos!

12. Cultural Traditions & Wedding Themes

Last, but certainly not least, we take into account any cultural or religious traditions you may be observing at your wedding or reception. If you will be changing into various dresses throughout your wedding, we can create looks to match each one. If you will be wearing a traditional headdress, we can create a look to complement what you'll be wearing.

Along the same lines, if you have chosen any particular theme for your wedding, we will of course reflect that look within the makeup that we select together.

Whether you are getting married at high noon inside a National Park this summer, or inside a church building at 5:30pm in December, Makeup by Katina knows how to help you look your best. Schedule your preview appointment today, and see just how much you can love your customized wedding look! Experience this signature process for yourself.

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